How to Get Your Metabolism Up: 3 Tricks to Burn Calories on the Fly

Do you want to know how to get your metabolism up for good. A big part of what helps is your genetics.
Some of us are just more prone to burning fat or calories at a faster rate. This article is all about how to make this happen for you no matter what your genetics are.
Read on to get the real inside scoop on this topic at hand.

How to Get Your Metabolism Up
Trick #1: Quit Your 3 Meals a Day
First off, it is recommended that you cut out the 3 meals a day routine. This has been a standard of most people,yet it is not necessarily the best practice.
When you only have 3 meals a day it makes you more prone to over eat at these times.
The best thing to do to solve this is to increase the number of times you eat but decrease the serving amounts.
You could start off with a good breakfast of oatmeal, bacon and a piece of fruit. Then, your next small meal could be about 3 hours later with raisins and nuts.
Your day would progress on like this until you have reached 5 to 6 meals. You will find that your mind will not be on food all the time, and you can focus better throughout your day.
You body will naturally start to drop pounds and your natural ability for burning calories will increase.
Trick #2: Start Running or Walking on a Regular Basis
Another way to make this happen is by simply walking or running every day. This is an activity that just about everyone can do.
It does not require any special equipment and you can do it just about anywhere. It is recommended that you choose comfortable clothes and shoes to do it in. This makes the exercise even easier to do.
You should take time out at least four times a week to walk or run for 30 minutes.
As a way to get even more benefits you can mix it up. For instance, you can run or jog for 2 minutes and then walk for 4 minutes.
Trick #3: Make Water a Priority
One more option for how to get your metabolism up is to drink more water. This is a natural substance and has tons of benefits attached to it.
It is a smart idea to drink a full glass of water before each meal. This helps you to not over eat. This would mean 6 full glasses if you were eating 6 meals day as suggested earlier.
While this is a good start. There is much more you should look at before taking on such a task.



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