The Effects of a Bicep Injury and Steps to Avoid Them

Getting a bicep injury is extremely disheartening. Acquiring an injury can not only put an end to your bicep training but it can put a stop to all your bodybuilding sessions all together
Of course the degree of the bicep injury will affect a lot of things. But lets say you have a full on biceps injury like a bicep tear or something like that. And your bicep is rendered immobile. That means an end to all your bicep training not to mention all your upper body weight training.
The Effects of a Bicep Injury and Steps to Avoid Them
You may not realize this but your bicep is a key player in almost all bodybuilding movements. The bigger muscle group that depends on the bicep is the back muscles. Almost all back movements depend on the bicep muscle as a secondary muscle. Barbell rows, pull-ups, t-bar rows are all impossible to perform if you have acquired a bicep injury. So you can see that puts an end to your back routines
Your chest will suffer as well. Even though the bicep does not really play a direct role in chest training, the biceps are still used because there are certain points in a chest movement where some pressure falls on the bicep. And so if you have a serious bicep injury your whole arm could collapse under the pressure and that could be very dangerous. This means bicep injury will prevent you from training your chest muscles.
A bicep injury doesn’t spare your shoulder workout either. Your shoulders just like chest doesn’t really depend on the bicep but again in some movements especially straight arm movements like lateral raise it plays a key role.. Some pressure falls on the bicep when the arms are kept straight and so if you incur a back injury your arm is going to collapse under pressure. So as you can see your whole bodybuilding progress come to a halt when your have an arm injury
So your goal is not to have an injury at all. Having said that how do you avoid it. Well injuries are something you can never really control. But you can take precautions to help reduce the chances of acquiring bicep injuries.
Here are a few ways to prevent injury:
1- Warm up. It is very important to warm up your biceps before engaging in any heavy biceps training. An improper warm up session can lead to a bicep injury. So make sure to take your time and really warm them up before performing a real set
2- Do not over train. I am sure you want to build big biceps but that does not mean you need to over do things. Train hard but do not over due it. Doing so will definitely lead to injury. So don’t over train. Working your biceps once a week with all you have is sufficient
3- Stretch after a workout. It may seem like a small advice but stretching your bicep can help decrease the risk of a bicep injury. so make sure to give them a good stretch
These three steps will make sure you prevent an injury in your biceps. These same principles will also make sure you get in a productive arm training workout



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