Top 10 Supplements for Beginners

Thousands of bodybuilding supplements have been introduced and tested. Some are proven to work while some are just waste of precious money. Experienced bodybuilders and athletes have listed the top 10 effective bodybuilding supplements and these are the following:
 1. Probiotics.
Probiotics are made from good bacteria like acidopilus and bifidus. They help the digestive system to work properly. Manufactured products containing probiotics includes special powder, yogurts, probiotic drinks, and capsules. Probiotics are very important to bodybuilders because they lower cholesterol level and they stimulate the to produce alpha-interferon that regulates the immune response.
2. Meal replacement powders.
These are great substitute for smaller meals that bodybuilders must take throughout the day. Meal replacements are great in accelerating weight loss and increasing lean muscle mass quickly. They are packed with vitamins, friendly fats, minerals, exact amount of carbohydrate and protein.
3. Weight gain formulas.
These gain powders have always played an important role in bodybuilding. These are especially created for beginners who are too skinny and having difficulty consuming sufficient amount of food to gain weight.
4. Maltodextrin.
Also known as glucose polymer powder or multidextrose. A synthetic polysaccharide is being used by people who are involved in sports to meet the energy demands of extreme exercise. It is a food additive produced mainly from cornstarch. It can be quickly absorbed like glucose making it quicker for bodybuilder to gain needed weight.
5. Protein powders.
Most bodybuilders rely heavily on protein powders so that they get amount of protein they need to gain weight. Protein powder does not only help bodybuilders get the body they desire, but it also helps them build a stronger immune system and healthier skin. In addition, it also helps in developing muscle strength.
Protein powders are made from soy, rice, egg, and whey. These are purchased in powdered form that can easily turn to protein shake by just adding water or mixing it with milk or fruit juice.
6. Pre-workout drinks.
These are energy drinks that contain one or more of stimulants like ephedra, guarana, or caffeine. These help bodybuilders in energizing their days workout. Pre-work out drinks generally contains carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, creatine, and amino acids.
7. Creatine monohydrate.
This is the leading bodybuilding supplement that was scientifically researched and was proven to improve overall performance. Itís all-natural and can be found in many food like salmon, tuna, herring, and beef.
8. Creatine formulas.
These usually come in powdered form that contains pure creatine monohydrate, carbohydrate dextrose, and sodium. Studies show that most bodybuilders choose this supplement because they get amazing result in no time.
9. Nutrition bars.
These are useful for athletes who cannot find time to eat. There are different types of nutrition bars; these are high protein bars, sliming bars, and energy bars. These are not highly recommended for bodybuilders because they usually contain fats and additives. They are also very expensive.
10. Glutamine.
This is important because it increases the bodybuilders ability to secrete growth hormone that aids in supporting muscle growth and metabolizing body fat. Bodybuilders use glutamine to lose weight without sacrificing the size of their muscles.
Supplement are definitely need for bodybuilding. Use the information above to get the best supplement and get your money’s worth.


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