The Best Shoulder Workout for Size and Strength


Side shoulders: The Lateral Raise


Number of Sets: 3-4Reps: 8-10Although the side shoulders are somewhat active in a variety of lifts, there’s only one exercise that really targets them enough to cause serious growth: the lateral raise
Work hard on these, because they contribute more to that wide “cannonball” look than any other exercise. You can also check out the lying lateral raise for a variation on this exercise that some people find extremely effective for shoulder growth
With lateral raises, it’s important to keep the form immaculate to make sure all the stress is on the side deltoids. Strict form with light weight is far more productive than a heavier weight that you have to cheat up
Medial delts don’t contribute much to whole-body strength, so there’s no point cheat-lifting heavy weights via momentum on lateral raises. Focus on form and watch them grow

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