How to Get Ripped

Summer is in the horizon, as well as the time has arrived at sit back and relax under the sun. It’s go for beach days, barbecues and pool parties, and then for any serious weightlifter these activities also mean something you need : it’s how about the shirts to come off and showcase that rock-solid body-build they’ve been working on all year. No person wants to be walking around by using a soft, smooth and flabby body, as well as for the next month or two, all those serious lifters will be shifting into “get ripped” mode.
How do they typically deal with this?
They calm down the weights and perform higher reps.
This situation always been a widely accepted method of “cutting down” and if you ask most trainers in the fitness center they’ll show you that “heavy weights bulk up the muscle and lighter weights define the muscle”.
How to Get Ripped
Do you wish to know the reality behind the “light weight and high reps” method of obtaining a ripped and defined physique?
It really is completely, totally and utterly DEAD WRONG.
It couldn’t be farther from the reality . In fact , there will be no logical purpose of in this way of coaching whatsoever, and whoever dreamt up this downright ridiculous outlook has caused the vast majority of lifters to waste their time and hinder their development while working out .
Permit me to get this clear once and for all : you will never spot reduce. Basically , its physically impossible to target fat loss from a specific area on your body. Performing bench presses with light resistance and high repetitions won’t magically reduce fat off of your chest or cause it appearing harder etc defined.
Just about every time you wrap your hands around a barbell, dumbbell or cable, your primary goal should be to stimulate as much muscle growth as possible . There are no special, secret weightlifting exercises that could “define” your muscles or cause them to become more “ripped”.
Training with weights builds muscle mass, end of story.
Just how exactly do you “define” a muscle?
The exclusive method to “define” a muscle is by lowering your body fat level to be able to make your muscles more visible. Body fat reduction is possible in two ways:
1) Modify your diet.
You should lower your overall caloric intake to around 15x your bodyweight and focus on consuming smaller meals more frequently through the day . This would keep a metabolism naturally raised all the times and shall keep their body inside a constant fat burning state. Limit your intake of bad fats as well as just sugars, and focus instead on consuming lean causes of protein and reduced glycemic carbohydrates. It s also very important to prevent your water intake high on a grade of around 0.6 ounces per pound of bodyweight.
2) Perform suitable cardio workouts.
Let go of the standard method of moderate intensity cardio in 30-45 minute durations. If you wish to maximize your body’s fat burning capacity and likewise minimize the muscle loss that inevitably accompanies a fat burning cycle, concentrate on shorter cardio workouts performed with a high level of intensity. These kinds of workouts will shoot your resting metabolism throughout the roof and will permit you to burn maximum varieties of fat no matter if you are at rest. I highly recommend 3-5 heavy duty cardio sessions a week , spaced not less than 8 hours far from your weight workouts.
That’s all there is to it , folks. Take the notion of “light weight and higher reps” and throw it straight out the window, around the corner and going to happen . Following this misguided method will only cause you to lose muscle mass and strength, and will not be helpful to you in removing extra weight or defining your physique.
What you should in common mold those rock-solid muscles for the summer time is it :
1) Train with heavy weights and low repetitions to construct maximum muscle mass.
2) Modify your diet and implement cardio workouts to reduce body fat and create visibly harder and a lot more defined muscles.
End of story.
I’ll see you along at the beach!


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