Training Triceps The Easy Way

Triceps and chest are trained on the same day because they assist each other during the range of motion . OK let me get straight to workouts

First get started with Close grip bench press , they are really helpful coz they are much easier than others . Lie on Bench and put very light weight at first and take a narrow grip than normal shoulder width , may be a hand or two space between your fists. Careful to balance it . Lift the bar as high as you can and then move slowly down towards chest , make sure that your elbows are just touching your trunk while declining the bar that will put pressure on your triceps other wise you will end up doing bench press for chest . 🙂

Lying Triceps Extention :
Triceps Pushdown : Secondly move to Triceps Pushdown. Push downs  can be done with rope or a triceps pushdown bar .Go with an over hand grip like when u ride a bike . Keep your elbows tucked to your side. Stand straight , take a deep breath and push it down until it touches your Quads. do 3 sets of 10reps and pyramid your weight . It works great for the long head of triceps and make it real hard.
Close grip bench press

Lying Triceps Extention :
Hold bar or dumbells in hands with an over hand grip . Lie on bench . Keep your arms 
straight and let triceps do th

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