Top 4 Benefits of Dumbbell and Bodyweight Exercises For Women

There has been a revolutionary change in women in the past century. They have become very busy. They, on one hand have full time jobs and on the other hand raise a family. It is not at all mandatory to join some gym or perform long workouts for fitness. Despite the busy schedule you can build your body to a perfect shape. You can have your own workouts at home and you just need to have is a pair of dumbbell and your own body weight. A few important benefits of dumbbell and body weight work out routines for women are mentioned below:
Bodyweight Exercises For Women
Benefit 1: Get a Slimmer and Tighter Stomach
Dumbbell & body-weight exercises are usually found to be compound and multi-joint movements. These movements concentrate more on your abdomen than on endless crunches and sit-ups. Never rely exclusively on crunches and sit-ups for a slimmer and tighter belly.
Benefit 2: Save Lot of Money
You need not waste your time and money on a personal trainer, gym memberships, or on expensive equipment. All you need to do is to learn how to train with dumbbell and body weight exercises. Therefore, it is needless for you to spend as much as $50 per session on a good personal trainer and $400 per year on a gym membership.
Benefit 3: No More Excuses
With yourself well trained, imagine being able to work out wherever it is possible for you. If you find a recess in between the meetings in your office, you can have a quick body weight circuit. Even before your breakfast also, you can get a half an hour work out. It is very comfortable to have a body weight and dumbbell exercises literally anywhere and anytime depending on your choice.
Benefit 4: Get Better Results
You can force your body to work hard on learning how to do the super intense workouts. It is all about how hard your workout is and not how long you workout. An hour long, low intense workout yields poor results than a fifteen minute super high intense workout. So, train your body to have super intense workouts for good results.



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