3 Most Efficient Exercises to Build Chest Muscles

In order to build muscles you need to work out all muscles in your body including deltoids, pectorals, triceps and biceps. Let’s not forget our chest muscles as this is one of the reason some men are more attractive than others.
Here are 3 very effective exercises you can perform to build more muscles in your chest area:

Exercises to Build Chest Muscles

1. Pushups. These types of exercises are preferred by many due to the fact that they are very efficient and you do not need any type of extra equipment. Lay on the floor, facing down and keep your torso straight. Place your hands shoulders wide and lower your body until your face is very close to the ground. Push your body up until you reach the initial position.

There are many different pushups styles and each contribute to building chest muscles. You can keep your feet suspended on a bench and this will work your upper chest. You may also clap once when returning to the initial position and this will put extra strain on your muscles. If you find that pushups are too easy, carry a backpack full of heavy books and this will give you the desires resistance.
2. Bench presses. This is also similar to pushups the only difference is using weights as resistance instead of your own body. Lay on a bench and make sure your feet are touching the ground. Keep your hands shoulders wide and lift the weight until your hands are straight. Lower the weight until the bar reaches your chest. Repeat the procedure 6 to 8 times, rest 1 minute and do 2 more sets.
Just like pushups, there are many ways to do bench presses, including inclined and declined bench press. This will target your upper and lower chest muscles and in order to get the best results, a combination of all 3 is necessary.
3. Dumbbell fly. These are also very efficient for increasing your chest muscles mass due to the fact that dumbbell fly exercises use free weights. Lie down on a bench with your feet touching the ground. Start with your hands stretches on the sides of your body. Bring the weights up in a circular motion, until your hands meet. Go back the original position by lowering the weights also in a circular motion.
These are the 3 most efficient exercises you can do to increase your chest muscles. Also remember that in order to increase muscle mass, you need to work with heavy weights. Chose weights that you are able to lift no more than 8 times and to 3 sets with 1 minutes breaks in between.



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