Forearm Workouts – Best 4 Exercises to Build Forearms

Forearm workouts are one part of the body that is a struggle for many people. The main reason, is they are so hard to get to grow. You must have a different type of strategy when adding mass onto your forearms..
The strategy that must be implemented in order to put on mass in the forearms, is doing a lot more sets and reps than you would do for say your legs or back. The forearms simply need a lot more stimulation to grow then other muscle groups.

Forearm Workouts
Below I will outline 4 forearm workouts that you can use to start building muscle today.
#1 Reverse Barbell Curls: To perform this exercise, you will stand up straight, with a barbell in hand, except your palms will be facing away from you rather than towards, this will target the forearms primarily, rather than the biceps.
#2 Reverse Cable Curls: These forearm workouts are ideal for isolating your forearms, they will be performed one at a time, its a great way to test your strength and see if your weaker on one side than the other, than you can fix that by working one side more.
#3 Barbell Wrist Curls Behind The Back: To perform this exercise, grab a barbell, and put it behind your back, with your palms facing towards your body, then simply curl it up towards your body, this will build your forearms like crazy, and you will feel the burn.
#4 Wrist Rollers: In order to do this exercise effectively sit on a flat bench, rest the barbell gently off the side of the bench, then simply curl it up using strict form using your wrists, make sure to use light weight and do high repetitions..
These 4 forearm workouts should get you well on your way to a ripped and chiseled set of forearms in no time!



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