Diet For Six Pack Abs – 7 Rules For Proper Nutrition

There is no way around it. You must diet for six pack abs. You cannot rely on exercise alone since proper nutrition really shrinks up your belly fat and makes it much easier to see them. Everybody has a six pack but it is too hard to see hem with a big gut. Follow these simple rules and you will lose your gut faster.
Diet For Six Pack Abs
1) Eat natural foods. Avoid junk food 90% of the time. Your diet needs to be made up of foods like lean meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans. These are the kinds of foods that burn belly fat fat and build muscle all over your body.

2) Eat frequently. Instead of eating 2 or 3 big meals each day focus on eating 5-6 smaller meals. These should be complete balanced meals that will fuel your body for working out. A good rule of thumb is to eat every 3 hours.

3) What about breakfast? You do not have to eat breakfast but it definitely helps. By eating a nice breakfast like a bowl of oatmeal with an apple and 2% milk you will set the trend for the day. By skipping breakfast you will feel like binging later on so it is really your call.

4) Have protein. A source of protein should be consumed with each meal. You do not have to worry too much about getting a gram per pound of body weight like many advise. reaching about 80% of that is still very effective for building six pack abs and losing fat. Some great choices include chicken, lean beef, cottage cheese, milk, mixed nuts, and fish.

5) Get healthy fats with each meal. Fat like monosaturated fats do not make you fat. They help the body release toxins and actually burn fat. Some awesome sources of healthy fats are olive oil, natural peanut butter, almonds, fish, and avocados.

6) Limit your carbs. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with carbs but they do not have a lot of calories like starchy carbs. Starchy carbs like bread, pasta, and rice should be limited to 2 or 3 servings a day. The best times to eat carbs without gaining fat are for breakfast because it is early in the morning. Also after a workout so you replenish your energy levels.

7) Drink more water. At least get 8 glasses each day. Drink a couple after every meal. Water is known to burn fat and rid the body of toxins. Green tea is another powerful fat burner.


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