Know Your Body Type to Lose Weight or Gain Mass More Effectively

Each person has a unique body type compared to others. The most visible difference is the one between men and women. It is William H. Sheldon, a well-known psychologist who created the theory of somotype. Based on this theory, human body type can be categorized into three major categories. Sheldon’s theory became a foundation in researches that focus on body weight and bodybuilding.
Basically there are three categories of body type: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Nevertheless, your body may be the combination of more than one body type.

Know Your Body Type
1. Ectomorph
People who have this type of body shape tend to be skinny. They need to struggle when it comes to building muscles. The process of gaining more mass may take a long time and even after they have built some mass, it is hard to maintain it because they can lose the mass very easily.
People belong to this group of body type are typically slim because they have lower body fat percentage. They are great candidates to become athletes or models. To increase their weight, they have to eat much more calories in their diet to put on more mass.
Training tips:
Do more weight training to build muscle by using heavier weights and fewer repetitions. Allow your body to rest two to three days between training sessions to recover.
2. Mesomorph
This type of body shape is most favorable to most people. The mesomorph has large bones and muscles with the torso tapers to a narrow and low waist. People with this type of body shape can gain muscle mass most easily.
Training tips:
Work out for a minimum of three times a week and do cardiovascular training every day or on every other day.
3. Endomorph
The extreme endomorph usually has a round shape body, with more mass concentrated on the abdominal area. People with this type of body shape can hardly lose their weight. A balanced diet and regular work out is very important for them to lose some weight. They have to eat more frequently given that each meal must be in smaller serving size and contain all the nutrients needed. Reduce carbohydrate and put in more protein in the diet to increase metabolism.
Training tips:
Do aerobic training like walking, jogging, or cycling regularly. Jogging for 30 minutes a day five times a week is recommended. Do some weight training regularly four to five times a week with sufficient rest in between.
So what is your body type?



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