Skinny Fat Guy Workout – Workout Routine For Skinny Fat Guys

Do you struggle to gain weight and build muscle mass no matter how much you eat? Do you find that although you still have a “skinny” frame, you’ve got a bit of a pot belly and love handles?
If you answered yes, then you’re probably suffering from what is known as the “skinny fat guy syndrome” (err, that’s not a medical term by the way 😉 ). The solution to this problem requires small lifestyle and nutrition changes while performing a skinny fat guy workout.

The Skinny Fat Guy Workout

Below I’ll show you the best exercises to include in your skinny fat guy workout to help you to gain muscle mass, lose that belly and get rock hard abs. But first, a small note on nutrition and diet.
Most skinny fat guys’ problems stem from poor nutrition as much as lack of correct exercise. Junk food, alcohol, irregular meal times, as well as a poor sleeping pattern, can cause your body to store unwanted fat deposits, despite your naturally high metabolic rate.
To gain muscle mass you need to increase your daily calorie intake, but make sure that it comes from natural healthy sources, not junk. Lean meats, fish, eggs, pasta, pulses, nuts, and plenty of vegetables are the kinds of foods that you should be consuming. Splitting these meals into 6 per day instead of the usual 3 will ensure your metabolic rate stays consistent.
Alcohol can seriously jeopardise your ability to stay in shape as it encourages the body to store fat since the alcohol has to be processed before anything else.
The Skinny Fat Guy Workout
Once you’ve got your diet plan sorted you’ll need to be performing the following exercises in your skinny fat guy workout to ensure maximum muscle growth in the shortest time possible. This skinny fat guy workout should be performed no more than 3 times per week with at least a day’s rest in between each session. Aim for 3 sets of 6-10 reps per exercise.
Chest: Bench Press
Back: Bent Over Barbell Rows (or Close Grip Chin Ups)
Shoulders: Seated DB Shoulder Press
Triceps: Dips
Biceps: Standing Barbell Curls
Quads: Squats
Hips: Deadlifts
Lower Back: Good Morning
Calves: Standing Calve Raises
Abdominals: Weighted Ball Situps
Most of the above exercises are known as compound exercises such as Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Good Mornings, and Bent Over Rows. These work multiple muscle groups and are therefore more efficient as mass building exercises.
Make sure that you perform your skinny fat guy workout at optimum intensity and aim to lift as heavy as possible (hence the low rep numbers).
This is a simple workout routine to get you started, but the key is to change up your workout regularly to see significant results.


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