What Are the Best Foods to Eat After Your Workout – To Feed Your Muscles?

Building muscle is all about providing your body with the right stimulation, through workouts, and the fueling growth with the rights foods, through a well planned diet. Eating the correct foods around your workout is vital, this is the time when your body needs to most nutrients to recover and grow from the intense workout. This article will tell you the best foods to eat after your workout.

 Best Foods to Eat After Your Workout
High protein
The best foods to eat after a workout will be the ones that contain the most protein. The protein must be high quality and fast absorbing, to give your muscles the amino acids, building blocks, it needs to quickly recover and get to growing your muscle bigger and stronger.
Protein is the only macro nutrient your body can use to build muscle, so make it a big component in your post workout meal. The best foods to eat for high protein content are things like beef, chicken, eggs, milk, fish and whey.
Eat protein with every meal. Aim for at least 25g per meal. This will keep your body in a muscle building anabolic state throughout the day for the optimal muscle gains.
High energy
The food must be high energy to replace the lost energy and glucose in your workout. You must fuel your body with calories to give it the energy it needs to recover and grow. Your body will have used up a lot of your glycogen stores to give your muscles the energy to lift the heavy weights with power.
To replace this lost glycogen eat a good amount of carbohydrates. The best carbs to eat post workout are fruits, such as bananas, strawberries, apples, oranges. These will give your body glucose and vital nutrients. They will help to add energy to your meal. To further add energy and calories add some healthy fats to your meal, such as olive oil, fish oils, avocados.
Fast absorbing
The food you eat after your workout should be easy for your body to digest quickly. This will get the nutrients into your muscles nice and quickly in order to stop the catabolic processes and begin the anabolic muscle building process.
The fastest absorbing protein source is whey protein, it can easily be added to shakes and digested very quickly by your body. Fruits and healthy fats can be added to your protein shakes to give your the glucose and energy your body needs to fuel the muscle growth.



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