Top 7 Muscle Building Supplements

Building muscle is a full time job that requires getting the proper amount of sleep, eating the right foods and working out in a proper scientific approach. Following this equation will lead to building top quality muscle, increasing strength and eventually looking chiseled. Once you have started to follow a strict diet, sleep and workout regimen you may want to look into taking supplements in order to get better muscle gaining results.
Supplementation is an excellent way to make sure you get the best results from each workout as well as they can speed up recovery, thus getting you more prepared for you next workout.
Here are the top 7 muscle building supplements that are going to help you gain that much deserved muscle.

Muscle Building Supplements

Whey Protein When you lift weight, you are tearing your muscle fibers and in order for them to be built back bigger and stronger you need to eat protein. Whey protein presents an incredibly great solution as it is both a high quality protein and it is really cost effective as well – the average whey bucket contains around 80 servings. Whey is also easy to store and easy to take as all you need is some water or milk and simply shake. The best time to take a whey shake is when you have no food available to eat, this usually happens after a training session. There are 2 main types of whey – isolate and concentrate. Isolate is a purer form of protein and is quick absorbing while concentrate is a mixture of different types of whey and is slower to digest – generally after training you want to drink isolate and before bedtime you want to drink concentrate.

MultiVitamin/MultiMineral This has to easily be the most overlooked supplement when it comes to gaining muscle. Taking a quality multivitamin is essential as your body is going to go through much stress through your exercise routine and needs the right balance of nutrients in order to both grow and recover properly. Generally you want to look for a multivitamin that is a bit lower in iron as you will probably be getting a sufficient amount from the foods you are eating.

Creatine Much light has come onto creatine as of late as it has the ability to both increase size and strength in those who take it with significant increases in lean muscle mass as well as increased recovery rates and improved energy levels. There are many different types of creatines such as liquide creatine, creatine powder and even a newer version of creatine called Kre-Alkalyne. Creatine is without a doubt the most popular bodybuilding supplement.

BCAA Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAA) are some of the best supplements you can take as they are essential amino acids (meaning they are not made in the body) and will lead to building high quality muscular tissue. BCAA’s are leucine, isoleucine and valine and offer the richest source of amino acids available. BCAA’s can be taken in powder or by pill and are great for post workout recovery.

Glutamine Also known as L-Glutamine, this is one the most abundant amino acid found in your body and is found in most forms of protein. When you workout, you use up your l-glutamine in protein metabolism, this is why people who exercise often need to supplement with glutamine so that your body never suffers from glutamine depletion. Glutamine is essential to recovery as well as immune system function. Aim for a quality glutamine powder to take with your post workout shake and before you go to bed.

Nitric Oxide (NO2) Have you ever wanted to keep up you pump after a good workout, well if so there is a supplement that will help you do so – Nitric Oxide (NO2). NO2 does this by increasing blood flow to your muscles which not only leaves you looking pumped but helps well needed nutrients get to your muscles better and faster than normal.
ZMA If you are looking for a pill that can really help you recover from hard training sessions, aid in tissue repair and healing, increase hormone production and even aid in muscular growth that you need to check out ZMA – which is an exact formula of both zinc and magnesium. Try taking this towards bedtime and you will see some great results within a few weeks.

These bodybuilding supplements are great if you want to quickly gain muscle [] and see your body building efforts skyrocket. You should always check with your doctor before taking any type of pill or supplements and only buy from reputable stores. Always remember to drink plenty of water, workout and follow a strict diet plan as without doing so you will not see the results you want to.



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